Driving in Kanonberg

Safe use of the roads is extremely important to the residents of Kanonberg. Kanonberg is an environment where families spend time together, enjoying nature and children enjoy the freedom to play in a safe environment. Speeding is an issue that is constantly addressed as the safety of our residents, especially our children, is so important to us.

An article “The impact of Speed on South African road fatalities” published by the AA Foundation, states the following with regards to the effects of speed on safety:

“The damage to the human being is related to the square of the impact velocity. In short, lower initial speed of a vehicle gives the driver better control of the vehicle and better reaction time. The vehicle can stop earlier and this reduces the probability of a crash. When a crash cannot be avoided, the injuries are less severe at lower impact velocities. Estimates of probability in pedestrian deaths also concern the different impact velocities, which are: 5-8% at 30km/h, 25% at 40km/h, 45-80% at 50km/h and more than 85% at 60km/h. The rates for cyclists and motor-cyclists would be similar (Reducing Traffic Injuries Resulting from Excess and Inappropriate Speed – European. Transport Safety Council, Brussels 1985) and (The Car Pedestrain Collision – Interdisciplinary Working Group for Accident Mechanics, University of Zürich, Swiss and Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland. 1986)”.

Speed Awareness Initiatives

As Kanonberg’s roads are public roads, the National Roads Traffic act applies. Residents are requested to remind visitors and contractors of the 40km/h speed limit in Kanonberg and to report speeding to Kanonberg Security personnel or the Estate Manager.

Speed display board

Colouring competition

Speed Limit Signs On Dustbins

Reporting Reckless Driving and Speeding

Please report reckless driving and / or speeding to the Estate Manager.

In the event where the Estate Manager is not available (including after hours and weekends), information can be provided to the security personnel who will  in turn inform the Estate Manager at the first available opportunity.  Please note that the security personnel do not have jurisdiction  nor responsibility over traffic violations.